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Elmore County Food Pantry Inc.

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515 W. Boundary Street
Wetumpka , Alabama  36092


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Volunteer Information
Thank you for your interest in serving your community by volunteering at the Elmore County Food Pantry.  The following are the positions for which we currently need your help.  Please notice that there are no insignificant volunteer positions.  Without help in each of these areas the process breaks down.
We ask our volunteers to be diligent in their duties and to be present on those days they are scheduled to help.  We understand that schedules change and “stuff happens”.  In those cases we ask our volunteers to notify us as soon as possible in order that we can get a replacement.
God bless you for all you do!
Richard “Rich” Deem
POSITION:  Counselor
Days:  Thursdays & Saturdays
Time:  9:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Special Qualifications:  Must be a mature Christian with a good knowledge of Biblical principals and a genuine care and concern for the hurting.
Our Counselors are the backbone of this ministry.  While we desire to feed and help the hurting, we understand that our real help “cometh from the Lord”.  We are a Christian organization; therefore our counselors are expected to be born-again fundamental Christians who believe in Scripture and the power of prayer.
The counselor will normally only have 5 – 7 minutes with each of our clients.  During this time the counselor inquires as to the general spiritual, emotional & physical health of the client.  In short, our counselors communicate to the client that we care!  After spending time visiting with the client, the counselor inquires if he/she has any special needs or concerns about which we can pray.  The session is closed by taking time to pray for the special needs of the client.
The position of counselor should be undertaken only after prayerful consideration.

POSITION:  Administration
Days:  Tuesday - Saturday
Time:  10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Special Qualifications:  A working knowledge of computers and general administration.
The ECFP has only one paid staff member; therefore the majority of all our administrative work is done by volunteers. The following tasks fall under this category:
  • Answering the telephone and taking messages or answering questions as applicable.
  • Pulling individual files for upcoming food distribution days and subsequently re-filing files.
  • Helping interview prospective clients and ensuring they have all appropriate documents required for qualification.
  • Entering data into our computer system.
  • Scheduling and/or rescheduling clients for food distribution days.
  • Preparing correspondence.
  • Collecting mail and receiving donations from the public.
  • Other administrative tasks.
POSITION:  Spotters
Days:  Thursdays & Saturdays
Time:  9:30 AM – 2:00 PM
A “spotter” is someone who stands in the food area and helps our clients in the selection of their food.  He/she will discreetly draw the clients’ attention to the various “limits” posted on each shelf and make sure they don’t overlook any item to which they are entitled.  Our spotters are all very helpful and kind in their dealings with our clients.  Our desire is to give our clients a very pleasurable experience.
POSITION:  Stockers
Days:  Wednesdays & Fridays
Time:  8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
A “stocker” is someone who helps unload our truck & trailer when it returns from purchasing food at the Montgomery Area Food Bank.  Some of the purchased items are placed in our warehouse while other items are placed on our shelves, our coolers or our produce bins. 
Generally the food items to be shelved will be pre-determined and those items will be placed near each shelf.  The stocker will open cases of food; place the food item on the shelf and then break down the various boxes for placement in our recycling area.  At times the stocker is called upon to move food located in the warehouse to the shelves.
The stockers also help break down various produce items, place them in bags and put them in the produce bins.  At times the stocker needs to calculate how much of a particular item a client can receive, bearing in mind that we generally have 100+ clients come for food distribution on Thursdays & Saturdays. 
After the shelves are stocked, the stockers are responsible for sweeping and mopping the food pantry areas in preparation for food distribution the next day.
POSITION:  Weighing Station
Days:  Thursdays & Saturdays
Time:  9:30 AM – 2:00 PM
After a client completes his/her shopping, they come to a “check-out” table where the food is weighed and recorded.  This is done in order that we can keep accurate records of all food distributed by the Elmore County Food Pantry.
We generally have 2 volunteers at the weighing station.  These volunteers take the food items from the shoppers’ cart, and place them in a larger container.  This container is then placed on the scales and the weight is conveyed to the volunteer recording the totals. 
After weighing the food, the container is passed along to our baggers.
POSITION:  Weight Recorder
Days:  Thursdays & Saturdays
Time:  9:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Records the total weight of a client’s food into his/her individual record.  Keeps all records in alphabetical order and returns the files to the Administrative volunteers at the end of each distribution day.
Days:  Thursdays & Saturdays
Time:  9:30 AM – 2:00 PM
After the food is weighed (See “Weighing Station) it is put in grocery bags and placed back in the client’s shopping cart.  For those clients who are elderly or infirmed, we will take their shopping cart to the parking area and load the food for them.
Prior to beginning to bag food for our clients, the baggers ensure we have an adequate number of bags ready for quick use.  We normally use over 300 bags per distribution day.
POSITION:  Construction (Electrical, Plumbing, etc)
Days:  Varies
Time:  Varies
The Elmore County Food Pantry ALWAYS has various projects where construction expertise is needed.  We need shelves built, floors replaced, lights hung, etc.  If you would like to help in this area please contact the ECFP and we will be glad to schedule times to complete some of these projects.

CONTACT US AT elmorecountyfoodpantry@gmail.com

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